TV 2018 Sale Results

Rivers Hyde, Kohat studs, Ongerup, WA, holding the second top price ram and Trigger Vale principal Andrew Bouffler holding the fourth highest price ram purchased by the Radford family Kojonup, WA. “In what is possibly one of the driest years in memory for NSW it was an enormous endorsement for our genetic direction,” Andrew said.

                                                       Half-million dollar sale       
                                                            at Trigger Vale

 There was a one hundred percent clearance of the 240 Poll Merino and White Suffolk rams offered on account Andrew and Mandi Bouffler, Trigger Vale studs, Lockhart last Friday.

It was the 41st on-property sale and many buyers returned, satisfied both with the genetic direction of the studs and the performance of the rams on the home properties.

 Stud co-principal Andrew Bouffler said the confidence of the industry was reflected in the prices received and total clearance.

“In what is possibly one of the driest years in memory for NSW it was an enormous endorsement for our genetic direction,” he said. 

“The confidence of the sale was not only lifted by the great prices being received for wool, lamb and mutton and surplus sheep but also from the many clients that are having better seasons in Victoria and Western Australia.”

 Top price in the Poll Merino draft of 160 rams was $9,000, with average of $2556.25 while in the White Suffolk offering of 80 rams the top price was $2750. Repeat buyers, A.F and Y.I Kurrle, Sunbury Park, Lockhart purchased the top priced ram in their draft of four rams which averaged $5,500. The May 2017 drop ram weighed 108kg, was in the top ten percent for post weaning weight and yearling weight, tested 1.5m less than the average of 19.55m in the catalogue and was a twin.

Speaking after the sale Robert Kurrle said while it is a significant amount of money for a commercial ram, all the facets of the sheep job are booming and to be in a position to really benefit from that you need the very best maternal dual purpose genetics available.  

“He had the fat score, muscle and size of frame we are looking for,” Robert Kurrle said. 

“I want muscle and fat in a ewe to carry her through lean times, and this year it is really showing up.”


The second highest price at $8,000 was paid by Rivers and Greg Hyde, Kohat Farms, Onyerup, WA in their draft of nine rams which averaged $2,611.

“They are introducing the Trigger Vale unique blend of performance based genetics with the easy care polled, plain bodied phenotype to WA,” Mr Bouffler said. 


Volume buyers included the Clutterbuck family, Edenhope, Victoria who paid to $4,000 and averaged $2944 average for their nine Poll rams, P.A and L.M Forbes, East Brookong, Lockhart who bought 11 Poll rams for $2295 average and D and M O’Keefe, Wangaratta, Vic who took eight Poll rams home for $1375 average price.

Large scale sheep producer Russell Phillips, Willaura added to his sire battery with 24 rams bought for $1480 average price.

Among the excellent prices paid for Poll rams, Yama Trust, Mooralla, Vic paid $8,000 and $5,500 for their selections: D.K and G Radford, Kojonup, WA bought two rams to top $7,000: Zammit Pastoral, Ballan, Vic paid to $6,500 for their two rams and R.D Moncrieff and Co, Wyalong.  


In the White Suffolk offering David Ingpen, Mansfield,Vic  paid $2750 for his pick of the draft for his White Suffolk stud. Born a twin, the June 2017 drop ram was in the top ten percent for weaning and post weaning weight. “The ram was selected specifically to join the stud for his outstanding growth attributes,” Andrew Bouffler said. “With a carcase plus index of 234 and LEQ index over 151 this ram was a standout of the draft.”

Volume buyers included Coonong Pty Ltd, Urana who paid $800 average for their draft of 14: Russell Phillip, Willaura who bought 18 rams for $1000 average and Green Park Pastoral, Rand, who bought five for $1210 average price.

The sale was conducted by H Francis and Co and Elders, both Wagga Wagga based.

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