White suffolk breeding objectives


Trigger Vale White Suffolk’s breeding objective has always been to put together large drafts of high indexed flock rams for commercially focused clients. The main selection pressure has been on growth rates with high yielding carcases. A spin off from this breeding objective is that due to the commercial relevance of their White Suffolk’s Trigger Vale has now become a leading supplier of stud genetics.(Click here for WS genetic trends)


A flow on effect of our success is other White Suffolk studs who target the same objectives are looking to Trigger Vale for their genetic improvement with 10 stud rams sold in 2011 through our auction sale and private treaty. We have also sold semen in several Trigger Vale Bred rams to studs in all Australian states. This impact that Trigger Vale White Suffolk genetics is having over the breeds development was highlighted by the sale of a half share in a Trigger Valee 060250 sired ram lamb by Anden to Depta Grove for $10,000.


While objective measuement using Lambplan is a vital tool in ensuring significant genetic gain is achieved yearly we are very committed to maintaining the visual features that makes the White Suffolk breed so unique. Clean points, smooth front shoulders, body length, a straight top line, with sound feet and legs are not negotiables in our breeding program regardless of the figures.


The White Suffolks continue to be a very significant part of our operation and genetic package that we offer clients. While we have many clients that have the ease of getting both rams from the one farm and its associated benefits we are increasingly getting clients seeking just W/S stud or commercial rams for their breeding programs.


Our success at achieving our targeted breeding objective is highlighted by the constant feedback from clients with regards to their lamb’s topping local markets like Griffiths and Wagga or receiving outstanding results over the hooks. Our involvement with the Superwhites young sire evaluation program continues to provide a great avenue to benchmark our flock and ensure we continue to inject the best young commercial genetics into our program. We are very proud of the fact we have had a ram selected in both the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Superwhites teams.