2019 Drop Poll Sires


Click sire to get the latest EBVs if unable to get recent EBVs some of our info with SG is locked for some unknown reason give Andrew a call and he can give you the details fat is not in the ebvs displayed you have to select for that trait once on the page.


Trigger Vale 6092512015150758

Trigger Vale 6092512016160095

Trigger Vale 6092512016160393

Trigger Vale 6092512016160040

Trigger Vale 6092512017170423

Trigger Vale 6092512017170678

Trigger Vale 6092512017170478

Trigger Vale 6092512017170858

Trigger Vale 6092512017170855

Trigger Vale 6092512017170929

Wallaloo 6013322016161514

Leachim 6008152016163266

Anderson 6091472017171123