Trigger Vale Merinos Average $3029 at 2020 Auction

Trigger Vale cleared all 272 rams offered at their 42nd on-property sale for a $10,200 top and record average of $2777, the huge sale finishing up close to sunset on Friday.

The Lockhart stud offered 192 Poll Merinos for a enormous average of $3029 and 80 White Suffolks for an average of $2200 and top price of $3000, which was reached twice.

The White Suffolk average was close to $1000 higher than last year, indicating both the quality of the draft put forward, and the interest in the prime lamb market this season.

Stud principal, Andrew Bouffler said they were humbled by the result.

“It was certainly the strongest sale we’ve had,” Mr Bouffler said.

“There were so many uncertainties leading into it, with COVID-19 and the wool market, but I was hoping the good season, lamb prices and NSW wanting to restock would outweigh that.”

There were a total of 739 bids on AuctionsPlus and on some lots those in the ring struggled to get a bid in with fierce competition between clients online.

The top-priced Poll Merino was a May-drop ram purchased via AuctionsPlus by Lachie Kelly, Hexham, Victoria.

The ram was by of Trigger Vale 160393, who has a dual purpose index of $191.5.

The $10,200 ram inherited impressive carcase data including a post weaning weight of 8.5, yearling weight of 11.8, yearling eye muscle depth of 3.5 and yearling fat depth of 2.

Weighing 105 kilograms, he had 20 microns and a greasy fleece weight percentage of 102 per cent. His dual purpose index came in at 188. Mr Kelly also purchased one of the second-highest priced rams which sold for $8800.

This ram was also out of Trigger Vale 160393, born a twin and had the highest dual purpose index in the draft at 195. Mr Bouffler said 393 was a sire that slipped through the keeper, sold to Rivers Hyde, Ongerup, Western Australia. “They kept telling me how well it was breeding so I got some semen back from that sire and used him,” Mr Bouffler said. “He’s just an absolutely outstanding sire, a game changer.”

Rivers Hyde were also key bidders in this year’s auction, purchasing the second $8800 ram.

Born a twin and out of Trigger Vale 170855, the ram cut 19.8 microns with a GFW% of 116 and dual purpose index of 184.

In the White Suffolks, Northgate Park, Wangaratta bought the first of the $3000 top-priced rams, while the McClure family, Killara Farming, Galore got the second.

Volume buyers included Mangoplah Station, Mangoplah who took home 11 rams on the day, as did Wirrani Pastoral, Narrandera.

The sale was conducted by Elders Wagga and H Francis and Co with Joe Wilks (Elders), Matthew Tinkler (Elders) and Alex Croker (H Francis and Co) working together to get through the mammoth catalogue.

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